How VoIP Benefits Your Business

If you’ve got a business, business VoIP service can have significant benefits for you. IP phones for business are cost-effective, flexible, and reliable.It’s less expensive than similar landline service.Gone are the days when you had to put up with being “nickeled and dimed” endlessly by your phone service. While traditional analog services generally charge for each feature (voicemail, caller ID, call waiting) and charge extra for long-distance in addition to the monthly fee you are already pay, this service has none of that. When you use these services, you’ll pay one monthly fee, and that’s it. Most other features and services are included at no extra cost, including voicemail capabilities, caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding. You’ll generally not pay extra for phone calls or usage (including long-distance service) beyond your monthly fee, either.The sound quality is actually better.While analog (traditional landline) services would have you think differently, the sound quality with business VoIP service is actually generally better than that for analog services. That’s because VoIP converts traditional analog signals to digital format for fast, clear transmission, unlike traditional landline services, which still use analog voice signals.It’s flexible.With business VoIP service, you can add or change features “on the fly,” almost instantly. Most of these services use Internet interface capabilities to that you can add or change features yourself. That’s as compared to traditional landline services, where you have to have the features added by the phone company and may have to have a service tech come in and ask you change your setup or make other adjustments to add those features. Although you’ll generally have an initial set up session with a technical professional when you first install IP phones for business, you can add, change, or expand most capabilities yourself through your Internet interface without needing extra technical help.You don’t have to give up your analog phone.Although some people think that if you sign up for business VoIP service, you have to give up your analog phone system, that’s not true. With IP phones for business, you can use your analog phones (traditional landline phones) when you sign up for VoIP service. Your phone system is simply connected through a router so that you can use your Internet service for your phone connection.You can forward calls to your cell phone so that you can take calls when you are out and about.You can often have call forwarding with traditional landline services, too, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Most business service providers offer call forwarding at no extra cost to you. This gives you the ability to be out of the office if you need to, but take calls just as if you were tethered to your landline phone.In short, you can have everything your traditional analog service offers, but much more cheaply and with what is usually much better sound quality, too. Best of all, the flexibility lets you expand your service as your business grows without having to go through the headaches of complicated setup. These systems give you features and flexibility, at a fraction of the cost traditional systems do.